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Dear BaliTeakFarms Clients and Friends,

This is our first newsletter to provide you with a summary update on all BTF activities carried out in 2007. We plan to send out our newsletters on a regular basis in 2008.


We are happy to report completion of planting of the first 1,200 teak trees at the Campuan site. Seedlings were planted the first week of August. This brings to approximately 6,000 the number of teak trees planted to date by BTF!

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We have also completed building of the first “bale” on the Campuan site as well as the steps down to the river. We are continuing work at the Campuan site with the building of a deck by the river and creation of a natural swimming pool in the river. Finally, we are making arrangements with adjacent land owners to allow us to create a trekking path connecting the Campuan site with BTF’s teak lot on the other side of the valley (the “little bale” teak lot).

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All the above work will greatly enhance the BTF DAY TOURS experience, enabling us to increase interest in. We are planning extensive marketing of the BTF DAY TOURS with all the hotels and villa managers in Bali, offering special arrangements for visiting guests. Based on initial response to our test DAY TOURS so far, we are confident that BTF will successfully develop this agri-tourism aspect of the BTF activities during the next twelve months. We are planning to position the day tours in the most important tourist guides, such as Lonely Planet and others. You can visit our DAY TOURS section online here and you can download the BTF DAY TOURS BROCHURE .

Since the initial acquisition of the Campuan site in May 2007 we have already done eight DAY TOURS, bringing more than 100 guests to visit the BTF teak farms in Jelantik and in Campuan, including a large contingent of the ROTARY SEMINYAK CLUB (see more details on this below).


newsOn August 14 2007, BTF organized a special fund-raising DAY TOUR event, bringing a group of 20 Rotary members and friends to visit the Jelantik and Campuan teak farms. The event was very successful, and BTF was able to raise Rp. 4,150,000 which was handed over on August 15 to Peter Erni, Treasurer of the Rotary Seminyak Club. In accordance with Sayu’s wishes, the funds are to be allocated by Rotary for an education-related Rotary project in Bali. BTF is confident that this successful event will greatly enhance awaerness of BTF activities and its dedication to environmental and educational goals in the local community.


In the month of August 2007, BTF developed its first promotional program with BALION VILLAS. Balion purchased pre-planted trees at the BTF Campuan Farm, gifting one planted teak tree, with a 25-year land lease, to each of its guests arriving in the month of August 2007. BTF then also prepared individual teak tree ownership certificates for each of the gifted trees, printed on ”BTF 100% natural teak leaf paper”. The gift was very well received by the BALION guests, who now have an even stronger tie to the Island of the Gods, as they will want to continue in coming years to visit the plantation and check on the growth of their teak trees!



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BTF is continuing to develop its teak paper project. We have created an initial sample of note pads, “room service folders” and a “guest signing book” for presentation to hotels and villas in Bali. We are just starting to develop this side of BTF’s activities, but again the initial response is very positive, so we are confident this will be highly successful.

We expect the BTF “teak paper”business to develop one “teak paper lab” for each area where we have BTF teak farms. Starting from the Jelantik/Campuan area, we are planning to acquire small parcel of land on which to set up our paper labs. BTF will then offer free one-month training to young people from the villages, selecting the most talented for employment at the lab.

b. Vanilla

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The initial harvest has been successful and BTF is now selling small vanilla packages, mainly as gifts for events, parties, receptions, etc.

c. Cacao & Vanilla – BTF SPA Products

BTF is developing a line of natural cacao and vanilla SPA PRODUCTS. We have initiated contact with Bali based manufacturers and expect to develop initial samplings soon.

d. 100% Natural Virgin Palm Oil Hand Pressed in Jelantik

BTF has this product available for sale. Please contact Sayu for information and orders.

5. New Plantation Projects in North East Bali

With PT P&A International Consulting BTF is developing two new large plantation projects in North Bali, “Tajun” and “Kubu”. More information on these projects in BTF’s next newsletter!

6. BTF and BGT Sponsors of the “BUPATI BADUNG CUP 2007”

BTF and BaliGreenTeam are sponsors of the “Serasi Community Surf Contest – Bupati Badung Cup 2007”, which was held in Prererenan beach on September 15-16, 2007. All BTF and BGT friends and their friends were invited!

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BTF thanks all for their support. If you would like to purchase teak trees or BTF products, visit the BTF tree farms or for any question or additional information, please visit our website at www.baliteakfarms.com

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