Become a Teak Tree Owner With The BTF Micro Management Program

BTF offers everybody the opportunity to become a teak tree owner in Bali. Under the BTF's“micro management program", you can purchase your own pre planted GOLDEN THAI TEAK TREES, for Euro 30 per tree (all pricing subject to final agreements and Euro/Rupiah exchange rate fluctuations). The price for the trees includes the sublease of 5 square meters per tree normally for a 20 years period. Minimum order is 100 trees, additional trees available in 50 tree incremental lots, up to 1,000 trees. For orders of more than 1,000 trees, up to 10,000 trees, BTF pre planted GOLDEN THAI TEAK TREES are offered at Euro 25 per tree. Special terms and conditions are offered for purchases of more than 10,000 trees.

This tree ownership program is specifically designed for everybody, both Indonesian nationals and foreigners, allowing even a small owner to participate in the potential high returns of large teak tree plantations. Specifically, it allows a small investor to be a "tree owner". The ownership of the trees is secured by a sublease of a specific plot of land directly in the name of the tree owner (land subleases are approximately five square meters per tree, normally for 20 years; terms and conditions for individual lots may vary and are subject to the terms of the agreements within individual clients. Subleases to both Indonesians and foreigners are allowed under Indonesian law. For all contractual, financial and legal issues, BTF is advised by PT P&A International Consulting, an international consulting firm with offices in Bali ( All interested parties are invited to contact P&A International Consulting for any clarification regarding the ownership and/or other programs offered by BTF, and to seek their own indipendent legal advice prior to finalizing any tree ownership agreements or any agreements with BTF.
BTF’s “teak micro management program” offers the following:
  1. identification, and securing of ideal land sites (as small as 5 Balinese are/500 square meters, and up) (individual plots of land under this program are leased, normally for 20 years periods; for plantation programs on freehold land, which combine both plantation returns similar to those available under the leased management programs, with real estate long term land appreciation equity upside for the tree owners, see the Section "Teak Management Programs on Freehold Land" in this website;
  2. soil preparation for planting, including limited clearings, organic and biodynamic ONLY fertilizing;
  3. planting (three months old seedlings, only GOLDEN THAI TEAK variety);
  4. complete plantation management (regular watering and organic & biodynamic fertilizing, branches and leaves pruning, etc, all as necessary and appropriate to insure maximum plantation success) for the first year. Yearly management fee for each subsequent year, up to a maximum of 25 years, is Euro1.50 (Rupiah 15,000) per tree. Special management fees are offered for purchases of more than 1,000 trees.

Soil preparation for planting - Jelantik Lot # J7 Caring for teak trees in Jelantik - Jelantik Lot # J3
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