The Campuan Tree Farm
The Campuan Tree Farm



Planting of approximately 1,200teak trees (Jati Emas Thailandvariety only) was completed successfully in June 2007.


Day Visits to the Jelantik and Campuan Farms

 BaliTeakFarms organizes individual and group visits of its tree farms in secluded rural areas in Jelantik and Campuan (Baturiti District, Central Bali, near Bedugul, approximately 1 ½ hours by car from Seminyak).

Spend one day visiting the tree farms, and walk through unspoiled Balinese farming communities; see how teak is farmed, from the soil preparation and the making of the planting holes, the fertilization and irrigation cycles, the planting of young seedlings, and the daily care of the older trees.

You will see also how the BTF plantations include cultivations of other crops, such as vanilla and cacao, chili and flowers, to help sustain the tree farms management costs through the growing cycle.

You will see different stages of tree farming, from three months old seedlings to three years old trees, all of the Jati Emas Thailand Tectona Grandis (Thai Golden Teak) variety.

Different itineraries are possible, depending on each group's specific interests: all provide unique contact of unspoiled farmland, and the local rural communities.

Details of your specific tour will be agreed in advance with BTF staff, in order to insure the experience is fully tailored to your wishes.

There is no electricity, and no human settlements, other than a few cow sheds, on the entire Campuan mountain. We have seen coffee plants and a number of rare plants, and beautiful huge rare flowering trees, growing naturally.

There are a few rice fields. The temperature is a few degrees cooler than on the coast, but not as cold as higher up (e.g., Bedugul, or Baturiti). The air is very clean, and the entire area conveys a unique sense of freshness, truly pristine, low density agricultural area.

 Generally, BTF visits provide a stop for swimming in a beautiful river in one of the BTF plantation sites, and then a traditional Balinese food picnic, prepared and served to the guest by local villagers from Jelantik, with a delicious barbecue.
The meals are served at the “base camp” at the Campuan Farm, in a location with gorgeous views of the unspoiled valley.

After lunch, guests relax under the open air pavilion (under construction) and/or under trees and tents, and will have the opportunity to purchase some gift items made with BTF products, such as pure vanilla beans, pure cacao powder, a special recycled paper made by BTF using the leafs of the teak trees, as well as other local products, such as virgin coconut oil, spices, chili, etc.

The hidden temple of Campuan. This small temple, not on the official tourists maps, is particularly revered by the Balinese as it sits at the confluence of the two rivers which run along both sides of the Campuan valley (and the Campuan Tree Farm).

This location is highly spectacular and the atmosphere here is truly magical. A short meditation is led by the local Mangku, Keeper of the Campuan Temple.

The last stop of the day, the Baturiti Farmers Market, where you will be able to visit the local market and buy local produce.

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