BTF’s Mission: Social & Environmental Guidelines

BTF invests and manages its farms to achieve maximum profits for itself and its clients.

At the same time, BTF is guided by a socially and environmentally conscious mission. In this respect, BTF’s programs achieve the following goals:

* increase the availability of farmed teak for the construction & furniture industry;

* decrease the incentives for the construction & furniture industries to source naturally grown teak from wild forests;

* maintain the socio-economic structures and heritage of the Balinese villages traditional way of life, by providing local employment opportunities to the villagers, without forcing them to search for such opportunities by relocating elsewhere, to industrialized and urbanized settings;

* promote Bali’s rural areas for environmentally oriented international and domestic tourism;

* promote education among Balinese children living in rural villages, through its non-for profit specific education programs, allocating a portion of its profits to provide free English language classes for children from the villages nearby the plantations. BTF is setting up its education programs with various official international organizations, including The Rotary Club of Semyniak, and U.N. sponsored no-profit NGO's. For all details, please refer to the section "BTF's Education Programs" of this website.

the village of Jelantik Sayu and BTF guest visiting village elders
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