Joint Ventures, Partnerships & Cooperation Agreements

BTF offers special cooperation agreements with land owners and farmers in Bali, as well as in other areas of Indonesia and abroad. In these cases, if a proposed site is considered suitable for teak plantation by the BTF technicians, following an initial site inspection and assessment, the owner makes the land available for tree planting for a preagreed term, while BTF provides the trees seedlings, planting and management. Normally, profits are split between the landowner (40%) and the BTF management company (60%), although different agreements and percentage of profit sharing may be negotiated, depending on many factors, such as size and location of land site, responsibility for the initial soil preparation. and fertilizing, etc.

joint ventures joint ventures
Guests inquiring about BTF's tree ownership programs - Jelantik Lot #J4 Guest visiting plntation - Jelantik Lot #J4
joint ventures joint ventures
Sayu inspecting a BTF plantation - Jelantik Lot #J3 Sayu with guests in Jelantik
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