Sayu Putri - BTF’s Founder & Technical Director

BTF was initially founded and developed by Sayu Made Putri. Born from a family of rice and vanilla farmers in the rural village of Jelantik, in the central hills of Bali, Sayu was able to support herself through University through scholarships. After graduating with honors from the University of Singaraja (North Bali) as a Teacher, Ms Sayu has served as the Secretary of the Yayasan Spiritual Dharma Santi, one of the two main Associations of Teak Growers in Bali, which has been active in the recent reforestation efforts in Bali, overseeing a significant portion of the almost 20 milion new teak trees that have been planted in Bali in the last 5 years. In her capacity as Secretary of the Yayasan, over the last years Sayu has given regular seminars on teak farming to Balinese farmers and land owners, and was directly involved in negotiating many of the large cooperation agreements and joint ventures between the Yayasan and local farmers and land owners, resulting in the planting of a significant portion of the approximately 20 million new teak trees in Bali.

Sayu is a full time teacher at the College for Hotel Management in Denpasar, Bali, as well as a Director of IMEC in Mengwi, Bali. She lives in Denpasar and Jelantik, where most of her family lives, providing the back bone of BTF’s management operations

Sayu making offerings in Jelantik Sayu showing the Jelantik plantations to a group of foreign guests
Sayu with her Father, making offerings in Jelantik (on lot # J3) Sayu checking a newly planted 3 months old seedling in Jelantik (lot J4)
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