The Campuan Tree Farm



Planting of approximately 1,200teak trees (Jati Emas Thailandvariety only) was completed successfully in June 2007.




BTF is pleased to report that hefirst year’s results are very successful, considering that planting wascompleted well into the dry season.

We experienced an overall loss ofonly approximately 10% (approximately 120 seedlings), which are being replacedfree of charge in accordance with the BTF management guarantee.



Overall growth has been withinaverage growth parameters, a bit on the lower side, which is quite normal consideringthat planting was carried out at the beginning of the dry season. We expect theseedlings to grow more than average in the next two seasons.

Individual Lots

At this time, BTF recommends thatthe delimitation of individual owners’ lots be postponed to later on, aroundyear two or three. This to allow the most balanced distribution of the bestgrowing trees in fair proportion to all tree owners. BTF will notify all treeowners at the time it will deem best, in the interest of all owners, to proceedwith the final survey and delimitation of the individual owner’s lots. Untilthat time, all trees on the Campuan Farms will be pooled jointly among allowners.

Campuan Day Tours Report

In the course of the first yearof operation, BTF has organized several day tours, with the aim of testing thepromotion of the Campuan site as an agro tourism destination in Bali (more details here

We have had a fairly goodresponse so far, bringing approximately 130 visitors to the Campuan Tree Farm.Many of the visitors have not been charged for the day tours, which normallyinclude food and beverages, and the related costs, have been sustained by BTFas part of its promotion budget.

BTF organized a successfulcharity event in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Seminyak (, bringingapproximately 25 Rotary members and guests to the Campuan Farm. The proceeds ofthe BTF Rotary Campuan Day Tour, approximately Rp. 4 million (approx. USD 425)were donated by BTF to the Rotary Club of Seminyak for allocation to a RotaryEducation Project in Bali.

Small occasional profits from theday tour activities have been so far been passed on as small bonuses to thestaff and as donations to the villages of Campuan and Jelantik for theirsupport and cooperation (food preparation, transport of the guests, etc).

BTF plans to start working on apromotional campaign with hotels for launching the day tours program on alarger scale in the curse of the 2008-2009 year. We will keep you updated onthe progress of our efforts.

You can find more details alsohere

Please help us promote the BTF Campuan Day Tour Program. Youcan download the Day Tour brochure here

CampuanInfrastructure Improvements

In the course of the first year,BTF greatly improved the Campuan Farm’s infrastructure, by building bamboosteps along one side of the property, from the entrance all the way down to theriver.

The building of a large Bale (8x4meters) was completed in the month of October (more details here (,but was subsequently seriously damaged by severe storms in the month of December.The Campuan Bale was rebuilt to a smaller scale (5x4), as this should make itmore robust in case of storms and hurricanes.



We plan to resume improvements atthe farm in the next months, starting the works for the natural pool buildingat the river site. We will keep you updated on the progress of our efforts.

Campuan Staff News

Congratulations to the main fulltime staff of the Campuan Tree Farm, I Gusti Made Jiwa, who was married inAugust 2008! BTF participated to the wedding ceremony and presented a weddingpresent on behalf of all Campuan owners using the balance available from theday tours proceeds.

At the request of Made Jiwa, BTF provided one cow for the Campuan Tree Farm, which greatly contributes the fertilizing needs, and insures the daily presence of our staff at the Farm!

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