The Jelantik Teak Farms

BTF’s initial plantations are located in the village of Jelantik, approximately 15 minutes drive southwest of the town of Bedugul, famous in Bali for its vegetable farms. BTF has identified the hills surrounding the village of Jelantik, at an approximate altitude of 350/450 meters the ideal micro climate for teak growing: a unique combination of altitude, seasonal rain precipitation, soil chemistry and land availability.

The results obtained by BTF in its Jelantik plantations have surpassed so far even the most enthusiastic expectations (12 months old trees average 3 to 5 meters in height, with average diameter of 3 centimeters; 24 months old trees average 7 to 9 meters in height, with average diameter of 6 centimeters).

Tests conducted by BTF in other nearby locations, such as in the surroundings of Bedugul (only 7 kilometers from the Jelantik plantations) have yielded much lower results in comparison.

3 months old seedlings lot # J4 in Jelantik 8 months old tree
lot # J4 in Jelantik
18 months old trees lot # J3 in Jelantik 36 months old lot # M1 in Mengwi
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